Connected Classrooms Provide Flexible Remote Experience

Walsh College is preparing for a post-COVID world where not all learners will want to return to a physical campus. Newly-equipped classrooms will provide a simultaneously engaging experience for in-person and connected remote students and help eliminate barriers to higher education for many students such as distance, work schedules and the added cost of room and board.

Walsh’s connected classrooms contain state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology that allows instructors, in-person students and remote students to seamlessly interact with one another. Faculty enjoy complete freedom of movement in the classroom, using Smart podiums with digital whiteboard capability to teach material and a tablet to control camera views, mute participants and more with the touch of a button.

“Walsh has always been on the forefront of remote learning. We offered our first online course in 1998. When COVID hit last year, because of technology we had in place, we were able to seamlessly pivot to 100 percent remote delivery of courses and students services over a weekend in the middle of final exams,” said Tom Petz, interim chief information officer and assistant professor. “Walsh is committed to providing an outstanding, personal and accessible education through technology and innovation.”

Walsh’s fall semester begins September 22. To give students maximum flexibility, programs will be delivered in a variety of formats including 100% online, in person, in a remote synchronous mode, or a combination.

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