Career Recruiting Events

The Career Services Department organizes two career fairs each year, exclusively for current, for-credit students and alumni.

Fall Career Fair - for all business majors

October 5-9   |  Virtual via WalshCareerLink

Due to COVID-19 and Walsh continuing with 100% remote learning for fall, Career Services is transitioning our traditional in-person Fall Career Fair to a Virtual Career Fair Week.


All over Michigan, businesses are turning to Walsh for the brightest minds and transformative ideas. Recruiters are turning to Walsh graduates because they hit the ground running with a solid grasp of sound business principles and practical business knowledge. Future business leaders are turning to Walsh for progressive, hands-on classrooms and professors who are connected to boardrooms all over the state.

Join the hundreds of employers who recruit talent at Walsh to add value to their business. Events like this are special because we offer them exclusively for our current students and alumni. Employers who have recruited from Walsh in the past know that our student/alumni population consists of fresh, entry-level candidates, as well as experienced, seasoned professionals who represent a variety of industries.

Participation in our Virtual Career Fair Week will be at no cost to you! From October 5 - 9, we are asking employers to flood our online job posting system, WalshCareerLink, with the positions they would have recruited for during our in-person event. Label the positions as shown - VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR: Name of position, and set the postings to end on Oct. 9.

To learn more, or if you have questions, please contact Career Services or call 248-823-1625.

Students and Alumni

During the week of October 5 - 9, students and alumni can log in to WalshCareerLink and simply search the jobs with the title: VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR. One simple search will bring up all the Virtual Career fair week postings!

Public Accounting Recruiting Timeline

Watch these videos for tips and advice on professional attire and ensuring success at a career fair event. 

Meet the Firms - Recruiting Event for Public Accounting

Date TBD

Meet the Firms is a recruiting event for students/alumni interested in public accounting. It is a great opportunity for students/alumni to meet with CPA firms to talk about career and internship opportunities, ask questions, get more information, and network with recruiters. 

Spring Career Fair


The Spring Career Fair is a great opportunity for students/alumni to meet with employers to talk about career opportunities within their company, and to ask questions, get more information, and network with employers. Please dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes. 

Review the list of registered employers and opportunities, and research the companies that are of interest.