Walsh College


Commencement is a day of new beginnings. Your perseverance and sacrifice have led you to this memorable day, and your Walsh College degree is a building block upon which your career can flourish.

Important Dates

Save the date for June 23 - Commencement for March and June 2018 Candidates

The form to confirm your participation in commencement will go live on April 27, which is also the same day as online cap and gown ordering. 

The Commencement Ceremony takes place at Zion Christian Church, 3668 Livernois Rd., Troy, MI 48083.

Graduation Information

Graduation application deadlines and form

The $50 application fee covers the cost of processing your audit and diploma. (It does not include cap & gown and/or announcements.)

To complete the application login to the Portal go to:

  • WebAdvisor for Students
  • Click Academic Planning Tools
  • Click Application for Graduation

Graduation Semester/Month   Application Deadline
Fall (December) August 1
Winter (March) November 1
Spring (June) February 1
Summer (September) May 1

Audit status and notification

  • Your record will be audited to ensure compliance with all graduation requirements.
  • Preliminary audit results will be sent to your Walsh email account. 
  • The email will be sent after registration has started for your final semester.  Note: If the application was submitted late, notification may or may not be sent, depending on how late it was submitted. 

Degree posting/notification

  • 4-6 weeks after the completion of your final semester. A congratulatory letter from the president is then mailed.

Verification of non-posted degree

  • If your degree has not been posted yet, we can create a letter indicating you are a candidate for graduation.
  • You can complete the verification form to have this letter created.

Diploma size

  • Certificate 7" x 9"
  • Undergraduate 8" x 10"
  • Graduate 8.5" x 11"
  • Doctoral 11" x 14"

Diploma arrival

  • You will be notified by mail about 6-8 weeks after the completion of your final semester.
  • It can be mailed or picked up at one of the three campus locations. (Note:  If you have a balance, your diploma will not be released until it is paid in full).
  • If you finished your degree 10 weeks ago or more, please complete the diploma release.

Diploma reorder

Cap & Gown Information

  • You have two options to purchase a cap and gown and complete your commencement participation form: Grad Fair or at the Walsh College Bookstore
  • The cap & gown pricing is: $45.98 (Bachelor) or $83.96 (Master) plus tax.
  • Additional items plus tax include: Master Hood ($36.98), Tassel ($11.98), and Cap ($16.98).
  • If you order your cap and gown online and have it shipped, tickets will be at Will Call on the day of the ceremony.

Delta Mu Delta, Honor, and Military Cords

  • Delta Mu Delta: Walsh Delta Mu Delta cords are available on www.deltamudelta.org
  • Honor cord: Undergraduate students who have achieved a cumulative of 3.500 or higher GPA and attend commencement will receive an honor cord on the day of the ceremony.
  • Military cord: U.S. active duty and veteran students are eligible for a military cord. Attendees will receive their cords the day of the ceremony. Note: Your military status will be verified with the Records, Registration, & Veteran Services Office.  Please email records@walshcollege.edu for verification.

Invitation and Ticket Information

  • Initial invitations are mailed to eligible students. 
  • All extra tickets have been distributed for the June 23rd commencement ceremony.
    Please see the options below which may assist you in accommodating additional guests:
    Additional Auditorium Seating: There may be additional seating space in the auditorium to accommodate extra guests. If so, the side entrance doors will be available for additional guest seating at approximately 10:45 a.m.
    Overflow Room: This room is designated for guest overflow and opens immediately after the procession of graduates into the auditorium. There are TV screens throughout the lobby showing the entire ceremony.
    Possible Additional Tickets: As guests arrive at commencement, they sometimes hand in tickets to be re-circulated. If these tickets are available, they will be at the auditorium entrance doors or at the Will Call station.
  • Final details will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony, or call 248-823-1650 for more information.

Release Authorization

  • If a Walsh staff member has requested information from you that could potentially be included in a speech, a FERPA release form needs to be submitted. The Records, Registration, and Veteran Services Office will need this returned no later than two weeks before the ceremony.