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Master of Science in Taxation

Master of Science in Taxation

The Master of Science in Taxation (MST) degree program is designed for professionals seeking to gain comprehensive, practical knowledge of tax accounting, tax law, and tax research, while also achieving a deeper understanding of the broader concepts of tax methodology and tax procedure.

The Walsh College MST program is among the most well respected in the nation for its preparation of tax professionals. Walsh College's tax library is among the finest in Michigan with a specialized collection that makes tax research as easy and convenient as possible.

The MST curriculum is continually reviewed and revised to ensure that students are receiving relevant, updated information that will create marketable skills in a fast-paced business environment.


MST Brochure

Master of Science in Taxation

12-13 courses, 36-39 credits

(dependent on prior coursework)


Foundation Course

TAX 595

Tax and Business Taxation I


Tax Skill Courses

TAX 599

Introduction to Tax Research

TAX 500

Advanced Tax Research Writing & Citation Methodology

TAX 501

The Role of Legal Authorities in Taxation


Core Courses

TAX 507

Tax Accounting

TAX 509

Sales and Exchanges of Property

TAX 510

Basic Concepts in Corporate Taxation – Corporate Tax I

TAX 531

Partnership and LLC Taxation

TAX 532

Income and Transfer Tax Consequences for Estate and Trusts

TAX 540

Tax Practice and Procedure

TAX 560

Planning and Current Issues in Taxation


Elective Courses – Must select two courses:

ACC 578

Accounting for Income Tax

TAX 525

Advanced Concepts in Corporate Taxation 

TAX 550

International Taxation

TAX 598

Tax Returns Seminar


A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 must be earned while in residence All core and concentration courses must be completed with a “C” (2.000) or higher.

No GMAT Required

We evaluate your application in a careful review of what you have accomplished since graduating from college, together with your academic record in your other degree programs. Those are much better indicators of your success as a graduate student than a formal test score.

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Opportunities for Employment

Taxes are one of the certainties of life. As long as the government continues to collect taxes, there will be a need for tax professionals. Public accounting, consulting, financial institutions, law firms, and corporations recruit MST graduates. Attorneys and CPAs may find that the MST credential furthers their careers.





 Walsh College Alumni

Jeffrey Littmann, BAC '77 & MST '81
Chief Financial Officer
uffalo Bills and Ralph Wilson Enterprises
"Walsh provided an excellent education for working stiffs like me, I didn't need fluff and extracurricular activities.  I was looking for tools and actionable information that I could turn into a career advantage."

James L. Murawski, MST '82
Vice President, Information Technology and Business Processes
"Do not minimize the importance of competency in your chosen field to study. It is expected by employers and the 'ticket to the game' as you begin a professional career. But it will be your integrity, commitment, passion, energy, and enthusiasm that will distinguish you from your peers and provide you a springboard to important leadership positions in the future."

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