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Communication Workshops

4:30-5:30 p.m. | Troy

Improve your writing skills through our Communication Workshops. Topics include APA formatting, learning our style guide, and writing precise and concise. For any questions, please email jpeplinski@walshcollege.edu

Feb. 19: Writing with Style | Room 119
Review our Style Guide 

Feb. 26: APA Format | Room 119
Learn to cite and avoid plagiarism

Mar. 4: Clear, Concise, and Precise | Room 119
Learn to cut words, not content

Mar. 11: APA Format | Room 119
Bring projects you are working on and ask questions! Registration is not required.

Conversation With Leaders

TBA | Troy

Ready to join the conversation? Conversation With Leaders is an event series that features leaders from the local business community. The featured speaker(s) share their career experiences and discuss a wide range of topics with our students and alumni. 

The Art of Business Dining

The Art of Business Dining


Dining etiquette can help you make a positive first impression!
Dining Coach Barb Alpern, Ph.D, Professor Emerita, will discuss:

  • Selecting menu items
  • Using the correct silverware, glasses and plates
  • Ordering, tipping and paying

Cost: $10 per person
Includes meal, taxes, and gratuities

Professional business attire

Sponsored by the Charles M. Bauervic Foundation

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