Upcoming Events

Communication Workshops

4:30-5:30 p.m. | Troy

Improve your writing skills through our Communication Workshops. Topics include APA formatting, learning our style guide, and writing precise and concise. For any questions, please email jpeplinski@walshcollege.edu

Feb. 19: Writing with Style | Room 119
Review our Style Guide 

Feb. 26: APA Format | Room 119
Learn to cite and avoid plagiarism

Mar. 4: Clear, Concise, and Precise | Room 119
Learn to cut words, not content

Mar. 11: APA Format | Room 119
Bring projects you are working on and ask questions! Registration is not required.

Academic Prep Course

6-8 p.m. | Troy

The academic prep course will teach students foundational skills: how to clearly write answers and essays, how to recognize and avoid plagiarism, and how to approach the semester, class assignments, and professors for academic success.

These skills are building blocks to learning at a college level, but they are not always taught clearly. If you haven’t used them in a while or want to be more confident, please attend. No homework will be assigned. For any questions, please email hswartho@walshcollege.edu.

Dates: Mondays, January 27, February 3, February 10 
Times: 6 pm until 8 pm 
Location: The Success Center (Room 123) at Walsh Troy 
Students should bring: your course syllabus 

Students can attend one, two, or three sessions, but are encouraged to attend all three. 

  • Week 1: students will practice foundational writing skills and submit questions for the plagiarism class. 
  • Week 2: students will learn the definition of plagiarism, how to recognize plagiarism, and how to paraphrase sources without plagiarism. 
  • Week 3: students will practice writing without plagiarism and learn specifically about APA style. No registration required.